9. Intro

Information processing in living organisms

The basic unit of these processes happening at a very high speed in the organisms is not the bit but the spike.
The spike is an explosive rise of the voltage in the cell that is responsible for fast information processing, the neuron.
Sequences of spikes – spike trains, form the communication of neurons with each other, important information is encoded in the rhythm of these spike trains.
The biological model presents itself for the information scientists as a fascinating new world. He now has the possibility to make time, or better, time differences, as a dimension that has been lying fallow in our computers, accessible and to directly calculate with space/time patterns.

9. Intro - Information processing in living organisms
  9.1. Biological Neural Systems
  9.1.2. The First Generation of Models
9.1.3. The Second Generation
9.1.4. The Third Generation Temporal Coding Computational Power Hypothesis for Biological Neural Systems Learning

Source: Spike Trains – Im Rhythmus neuronalen Zellen, Wolfgang Maass
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