The Secret Life of the Next Door Neighbour

This is the second album by Bast. The difference between the first and the second album is more than obvious. The first one was a studio project by Aldo Ivančić and Vuk Kraković, the second one is a result of the band's teamwork. The new Bast sound is the sum of works of all members, each of them a distinct individual, working in different musical, theatrical and artistic sphere. The various music style journeys are not the result of a concept but of a physical force, a movement, not linear but circular movement in all directions. The group method resembles that of Sun Ra, Can, Bill Laswell or Primal Scream, the groups who like to flirt with the pop genre, and are, on the other hand interested in simple structures and sound experiment. Bast is not concerned with technology and Hi-Fi. Rather opposite, DIY and Lo-Fi are present throughout their work.

Bast is a band located in an undetermined time, where one can find the recognition of the past, experience of the present and admiration for the future. It plays with stereotypes and genres, converting them, changing their context and giving them a completely new meaning.
With the "lounge" remake of Problem they closed the circle the Sex Pistols started out with the remake of Sinatra's My Way.
Plamen trilogy is a part of a 30-minute composition, recorded for a pyrotechnical event by Gromki Theatre. Plamen is the return to the playground, it is a journey with an out of control time machine, exhibitionistic and voyeuristic at the same time.
Our People presents Pope Woytila as a conscious co-author of the lyrics, who knows how to take care of his people. Punishments were designed to discipline our people! At least he says so. In this song KGB Wattycan appears in the role of a rapper from Vatican.
The magical Song for Che is almost 12 minutes long improvisation, recorded live on 8 channels at the Gromki Theatre.
Nubody is a sound journey into the interior of the body and the instruments. Its main direction is set by Marjan's gatham and the sounds of Janez's body, with distorted sounds of Bostjan's flute and Tomaz's bass revolving around it. Let's not forget Drago's accordion and Slaven's Telecaster.

We live in Shakespearean times, when politicians are less and less popular and more and more powerful - in times, when the murders and suicides are going on at the Court and when lies don't need to be repeated a thousand times to become the truth. B-Liar is undoubtedly one of the main stars of the reality show we live in.
Alles ist Gut is a song by the German duet DAF. Berlin is the second largest Turkish city. The cover is a melting pot, a big-city beat of Mediterranean 9/4 rhythms and northern elegy...
Square is a square, a piazza and a man in the middle of it. And the square is in the middle of an asphalt jungle. From nothing into nothing.
60 sec. per min. is a remix of a piece by The Stroj tribe from their second album, Venilator.
The length of Burn out (20 seconds) makes it an "ideal music" for an "ideal commercial", in other words, an "ideal hit", for which 11 top video artists made "ideal videos". Featured on the CD.

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  Our People
  Song for Che
  60 sec. per min.
  Alles ist Gut
  Burn out

The Secret Life of the Next Door Neighbour

Recorded, mixed and produced by Aldo at Ya Basta studio, except Burn out, recorded live on two channels at Križanke, Song for Che and Square were recorded live on 8 channels at the Gromki Theatre.

Boštjan Gombač: vocals, clarinet, woodwinds, percussions
Janez Janša: video, graphic design
Tomaž Grom: double bass, Mac
Aldo Ivančić: programming, mix
Slaven Kalebič: guitars, vocals
Marjan Stanič: drums, percussions

Audio Guests
Drago Ivanuša: keyboards, accordion, vocals
Niko Novak: scream on Our People
Andrija Pušič: keyboards on B-Liar
Ivan Vrhunc-Čapa: sitar on Square

Video Guests (Burn Out)
The album contains 11 videos for the song Burn Out by: Zemira Alajbegović, Stanka Brljević, Janez Janša, Marina Gržinić & Aina Šmid, Ven Jemeršič, Neven Korda, Ema Kugler, Harry Rag, Kolja Saksida, Igor Štromajer

Produced and released by
Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Art
and Dallas Records

The project was made possible by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana

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