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World music, pop, dance, electronic music, influences of jazz and traditional Balkan melodics – all that has met in the melting pot that after intense and long lasting stirring gave birth to BAST project – an album that elegantly weaves all these multicultural music elements and forms a coherent whole. The history of modern music is the history of fusions and reformations. Jazz, rock, techno, hip-hop and other pop music genres were formed in that fashion – the fashion of melting pot. The results are different but the methods are similar. BAST is an album of contrasts that ignore the genre and cultural boundaries. It is not a coincidence that the project came to existence in Slovenia, which is the traditional crossing of Slavic, Germanic and Romanic cultures, new and old. The BAST Project was named after the Egyptian goddess of pleasure, presented by a cat shaped totem. During the celebrations in her honor that took place in city of Bubastis, people sailed towards her totem, drumming and singing loudly.

This album mixes the sounds of instruments from all parts of this world, that is more and more multicultural and intercultural, where the borders are more and more unclear. It is the “world music” with the groove and classical pop melodics.

Fifteen more musicians helped produce the album, among them were the jazz singer Alenka Godec, American artist Ron Athey, New York singer Evening Lategano, former singer for the German punk band S.Y.P.H. Harry Rag, saxophone player Bogo Pecnikar, bass player Nino De Gleria, guitar player Simon Pintar (Heavy Les Wanted) and vocalist Call-Ya (ex- Heavy Les Wanted).

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  The More You Know, The Less You Kill
  Sister Remember
  I'm European but My Name Is Not John
  Ron's Story
  Georgia on My Mind
  Waste (vocal mix)
  Space Reality
  Mein Traum Ist Mein Refrain
  Waste (instrumental mix)

The CD includes the videoclip The More You Know, The Less You Kill by Janez Janša entirely based on the visual art installation Conversion.

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