RON'S STORY [lyrics]

This video questions how much today the body in crisis, the ill, marginalized body, provokes problems within the field of representation and subvert genuine social engagement. Are we ready to face death and real pain? Janša's video work engulfs the TV screen with vivid in blood encoded action. Performed by the cultish radical performer Ron Athey (being publicly introduced as HIV positive) the scenery seems both 'fantastic or unreal' and trashily horrifying. The story transpires e near future of the body that will be all focused in carnal sensations, afforded by art, aesthetics and lust. The work is a combination of obsession fantasies and a true love for blood. The music by BAST is effective until the point of an absolute vertiginous amplification of Athey performance.

(Slovenian video works seen through international video productions and vice versa, Marina Grzinic, Zero Visibility (of the reverse order), catalogue of the exhibition, edited by Valentina Valentini, Maska, Ljubljana 2003)

Ron's Story it's a video based on the work of the L.A. performer Ron Athey. It was done by using various material collected after the performances that Ron did at the Kapelica Gallery and at the Cultural Center Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana between 1996 and 2001.

The video was premiered at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart in February 2002, in the frame of Solar Circuit 2002.

The Slovenian premiere took place in form of TV broadcasting. It happened on the 2nd channel of the National Television (RTV/SLO2) in the frame of the program Sobotna Noc that night dedicated exclusively to contemporary body art praxes.
Special guests of the program: Aldo Ivancic and Janez Janša (project BAST), Ursula Cetinski, theatre programme director of the cultural and congress center Cankarjev dom and curator of the festival The Beauty of Extreme and Jurij V. Krpan programme manager of the Kapelica Gallery.

At the beginning of 2003 was acquired with non exclusive rights by ACMI - Australian Center for the Moving Image, Melbourne, Australia

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Ron's Story

Ron's Story was also presentad at:

REWIND... REWIND... Three Decades of Video-art in Puerto Rico, curated by Elvis Fuentes as part of the NATIONAL ART EXHIBIT 2005-2006, Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, April 21st, 2006, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

MIELANEXT, March 24th, 2005, Teatro Miela, Trieste, Italy

Glassbox gallery, December 13th, Paris, France

MMC Mostovna, November 19th, Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Auckland Film Festival, curated by Paul Amlehn, The Odeon Cinema, Auckland, New Zeland

"Visions of Excess"
, December 17th, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Gallery Kazamat, Osijek, Croatia

Cultural Center Dom Omladine, Belgrade, Serbia and Crnagora

Gallery META, Bucarest, Romania

Gallery AoRTa, Chisinau, Moldova

Gallery Vector, Iasi Romania

Art Academy, Bucarest, Romania

"Kyoto Media Art Week", Oct 17-19, 24-26, 2003, Goethe Institute, Kyoto. Program: Radicality/Obfuscation, curated by Marina Grzinic

"Arte en Progresion", Centro Cultural San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alternative Video Film Festival, VIDEOWORKS FROM SLOVENIA 1992-2003/ RADICALISATION OF POSITIONS, curated by Marina Grzinic, Beograd, Serbia

International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, NOT-RIGHT- Special programme curated by Marina Grzinic, 1-6 May 2003, Oberhausen, Germany

"Radicality/Obfuscation" curated by Marina Grzinic in the frame of the exhibition “ZERO VISIBILITY”, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia

"Radicality/Obfuscation" curated by Marina Grzinic in the frame of the exhibition “ZERO VISIBILITY”, Castello Colonna, Genazzano, Italy

"Mikrokino FEST 2002", Belgrade, Serbia

“ARCO 02" -International Contemporary Art Fair, pavilion 7, stand NET 704 (LaAgencia), IFEMA, Madrid, Spain

Vidarte 2002 - International Festival (Europe in fragments: east wind video, net art and cd-rom curated by Marina Grzinic), August 26-September 7, Mexico City, Mexico


Video: Janez Janša
Music: BAST
Produced by: Aldo Ivancic
Lyrics: Ron Athey

Editing: Boris Greguric
Graphic effects: Stanka Brljevic, Janez Ferlan
Photos: Miha Fras, Leonora Jakovljevic

Executive producer: Janez Janša
Aksioma and VPK, © Oct. 2001

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