MODE 1 / Level 1: Select Continent  
  The performer is represented on the console by an icon positioned at the centre of the display. The commands at his disposal are placed around this icon. By activating the Scroll command at Level 1 of the first phase, a strip with the five continents appears. The performer selects the continent he intends to visit.
MODE 1 / Level 2: Select Continent's Area    
  Consequently, Google Earth's virtual camera moves to that continent and on the performer's console appears the Level 2 panel with the Scroll Bar containing portions of the selected continent, e.g.: Northern, Central, Southern, Western and Eastern Africa.
MODE 1 / Level 3: Select Country    
  At Level 3 the actual country is selected. Besides the three main commands (Scroll, Select and Back) there are two more, Show Borders/Hide Borders and Show Cities/Hide Cities, which are activated by combining the motor imagery of the feet with that of the left or right hand.
MODE 1 / Level 4: Operating Camera    
  The Scroll Bar at Level 4 contains commands for the virtual camera, namely Scan, Move, Pan, Tilt and Zoom. The thought of movement of the right or left hand defines whether the camera will move to the right or to the left respectively (in the case Scan or Pan has been selected), forward or backwards (if Move has been selected) and up or down (if the command activating the Camera Tilt has been selected).
  When the system has gathered a sufficient amount of data, we move to the second phase of the performance, during which Google Earth locations investigated earlier are re-presented, while the performer uses Brainloop to compose a custom soundtrack by selecting and manipulating audio recordings in real time, which sound designer Brane Zorman re-locates (5.1 surround) into the physical space.
MODE 2 / Level 1: (De)Activating Tracks    
  For that purpose, 9 soundtracks appear on the performer's console. Four are beat-based, four are ambient sounds and one, indicated as Local, contains sounds, loops and samples related to the continent or country that GE is showing at a given moment.
MODE 2 / Level 2: Adjusting Effects/Parameters    
  Brainloop enables the performer to apply to the selected sounds either various effects (Reverb, Equalisation Frequency, Chorus, Delay and Pitch Shift) if a beat-based track has been activated, or various parameters (Modulation, Oscillation, Wave Mix, Low Frequency Modulation, Filter Attack) if an ambient track has been activated.
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