December 17, 2004
Codelli's Castle, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Visions of Excess

Each summer, Ron Athey and Vaginal Davis organise in Los Angeles the now legendary Visions of Excess, an all-night, twelve-hour event featuring nearly twenty artistic interventions, in a building rented especially for that purpose. Normally, the building is not directly associated to art institutions, since the event does not address only art audiences. During the night, there is a series of performances by various artists coming from the very heart of urban culture, who perform before a not too large audience, which makes the happening more intimate and the contact with artistic poetics softer. The event, whose closest equivalent within European culture would be the cabaret, will be presented on December 17, 2004 in Ljubljana at the Grad Kodeljevo Castle, which will be entirely transformed in an all-night cabaret loaded with glamour, libido and offbeat humour.

We have already met some of the artist that will perform on that evening at the castle. Ron Athey appeared at the festival "Lepota ekstrema/The Beauty of the Extreme" in Cankarjev dom a few years ago, Marisa Carnesky, wrapped in a tattooed dragon, made her first appearance at the City of Women festival, and Kira O'Reilly performed with her precise scalpel at the Break 21 festival in 2002. The Eclipse will give several repeats of their latest performance entitled "Spectrum Magenta", while the Collective BAST will be the main concert event, which will be at the same time a historic opportunity, seeing that their piece Ron's Story from their previous album will be performed live for the first time by Ron Athey. Brane Zorman will be sounding at the second floor, while the Slovenian representation and the emphasis of the night will be spiced up by Peter Mlakar's obligatory sermon. Seven other foreign artists will perform on that night at Kodeljevo. Soprano Juliana Snapper will sing in Ron's performance, while the notorious black transvestite Vaginal Davis will be the MC of the night. Nicole Blackman will hold an eight-hour intimate and silent audience for individuals, Dominic Johnson will be hanging from the ceiling, while Velvet Hammer Burlesque is a trio of offbeat cabaret artists featuring group and solo performances. In the film room, which will have the function of chill-out zone, will be presented videos by Paula Cronan, Ema Kugler, Davide Grassi and Paul Amlehn. The events will be presented on all three floors of the Grad Kodeljevo Castle, which will also feature exhibitions by Rajko Bizjak, Goran Bertok, Leonora Mark and some selected pieces by the duo Eclipse.
At the ground floor bar and on central stage on the first floor, a thematic musical backdrop with feverish beats will be provided by the multifunctional co-operative Codeep.

In any case, the whole will be a red sensual night such as Ljubljana has never seen before! The dress code is black, gold and red, while latex and leather are preferred. Stay tuned!

Organised by: Zavod Aksioma and Galerija Kapelica
Partners: Luna Park, ZSKZ Ljubljana
Project supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia
and The Municipality of Ljubljana
Marcela Okretič
Executive producer
Aksioma | Zavod za sodobne umetnosti, Ljubljana
e-mail: aksioma[at]