Introduction to net TV;
""; Dušan Bučar (SI)
Wednesday, 2 June 2010, 11:00–12:00

In this workshop, Dušan Bučar, with assistance from programmers from FRI, will lead students in an introduction to the concepts of creating their own net TV portal. The created portal will be aired during the week of the seminar and will also open a forum for feedback. Participants in the workshop will also be able to create their own video works which can then be uploaded on the net TV portal.

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Dušan Bučar completed his MA degree in Video and New Media from the University of Ljubljana, Academy for Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) in 2003. A sculptor and intermedia artist, he utilizes sculpture, graphics, video and computer arts in his projects. He lectures at ALUO and FRI and is the leader of the project Trbovlje New Media Setting.

Introduction to net TV
Interactive Net Panoramas ‘10;
Srečo Dragan (SI), Borut Batagelj (SI)
Wednesday, 2 June 2010, 14:00–18:00

In this intermedia workshop, 10 participants (5 each from FH JOANNEUM and ALUO) will work with 5 programmers from the Laboratory for Computer Vision at FRI to realize an interactive video surface which will enable participants to enter a panorama of Kino Šiška and the private spaces of the authors, who will code their technically-modified views.
Sound and Light in Public Space;
Seppo Gründler (AT), Daniel Fabry (AT), Thomas Radeke (AT)
Thursday, 3 June 2010, 11:30–18:00

These 3 lecturers from the Media and Interaction Design (MID) Department at FH JOANNEUM present a workshop dealing with the tools, possibilities and aesthetics of media interventions/installations in public places. From simple media guerrilla-like actions to complex extended architecture and interactive sound and light installations. Tools and skills will cover video-mapping, realtime programming (mainly Pure_Data/GEM/PDuino) sound spatialization, sensoring, etc.

Limited number of participants. Sign up here.
Workshop and Round Table for Musicians and Sound Artists;
Tarek Atoui (LB)
Thursday, 3 June, 14:00–18:00

Tarek Atoui will address questions that he has been dealing with in his recent works: How can computers be used in a dynamic and live way? What differentiates a computer musician from a classical acoustic musician? What distinguishes the computer from an acoustic instrument and how can it be used and in an original way? Atoui will present several approaches and work techniques from his personal experience, and all the presented ideas will be subject to discussion and development with the workshop participants (artists, performers, musicians, sound artists, curators, ...).
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Workshop and Round Table for Musicians and Sound Artists
syncing hard & soft – a therapy session for your personal computers split personality,
hans w. koch (DE)
Friday, 4 June 2010, 14:00–18:00

Usually, when talking about computer music, it is understood that the computer takes the role of an obedient and almost invisible servant, executing that exquisite piece of software the master wants to listen to. Problems arise when the servant revolts and malfunctions, leading to verbal and physical abuse, ultimately untimely replacement.
In this session participants will take a look at the laptop as a unique unity of hard- and software and try to find the means of uniting the two as a true instrument. Based on the model of the bandoneonbook (, the workshop aims to bridge the gap between hardware and the world of 0 and 1.

Participants should bring a laptop to this session, preferably with a version of Max/MSP or Pure Data already installed on it. (See or to download). No further knowledge is required (except for a bit of English).

Limited to 10 participants. Sign up here.

Please indicate upon registration what laptop-model / operating system you will be using and if you know Max or PD already.

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syncing hard & soft – a therapy session for your personal computers split personality