Participatory Action

Frida V. - presentation and test drives (Free Ride Data Acquisiton Vehicle)

, Luka Frelih (SI)
Wednesday to Friday, 2 to 4 June 2010, 16:00-19:00, Hourly test drives of Frida V.
Wednesday, 2 June 2010, 17:00, Presentation about Frida V.

Take a ride on "Frida V.", a rugged and comfortable bicycle equipped for efficient exploration and mapping of public urban spaces. Equipped with a small computer, GPS positioning device, 802.11 wireless network transceiver and a basic audiovisual recording unit, the assembly enables automated mapping of stumbled wireless networks, easy creation of location-tagged media and opportunistic synchronization with a server resource on the Internet. In other words, let the warriding and rideblogging begin!

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Artist, computer programmer, free software hacker and web designer

Luka Frelih

has participated in many collaborations connecting technology and art. A member of Makrolab, ASCII Art Ensemble and the pioneering community projects: 7-11, Refresh, Remote-C. He programmed the instant ascii camera, a net art generator and several web map interfaces for positioned radio-linked roaming agents. A core member of Ljudmila - Ljubljana Digital Media Lab since its founding and one of the collaborating authors of Creative Commons Slovenia.

Frida V.

Frida V.