3 artists meet with 3 experts

Friday, 4 June 2010, 10:00–12:30

These public coaching sessions are intended for artists who are actively developing their own project or would like to have expert opinions about their already finished works. Participating artists will have the chance to speak in detail about their artistic goals, intentions and work process with three experts:

Seppo Gründler


Jurij Krpan

(SI) and

Sunčica Ostoić

(HR) who will respond and provide feedback and critique about the overall concept of the presented projects. The experts will consider the possible technical and conceptual solutions and discuss them with the artist in terms of designing and reflecting upon one's own work.

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Please write a brief description of your work and the work(s)/project(s) that you intend to present. The description will not be published and is only meant to provide the seminar organizers and experts of the coaching session some orientation about your work.