Welcome to machinaZOIS Virtual Training Center!!!
Please follow the instructions in detail for a correct installation


Author: Janez Janša

Programmer: Sunčica Hermansson
Sound Designer: Brane Zorman
Speaker: Boštjan Gombač

Producer: Janez Janša
Production Assistant: Marcela Okretič

Production: Aksioma

Supported by:
- The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia
- The City of Ljubljana - Department of Culture

ll copyrighted and trademarked gottlieb material licenced from Gottlieb© Development LLC

Premiered at: Kiberpipa May 3rd 2003


machinaZOIS rules

Get Installation Instructions as:

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Installation instructions

Systems supported: Windows 9x/2000/XP

Step 1. Install Visual Pinball Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator

1.1. Download the latest version of Visual PinMAME binary from http://pinmame.retrogames.com/downloads.html. At the time of this writing the latest version is v1.21.
1.2. Extract the files and rename the containing folder to vpinmame (remove the version extension).
1.3. Copy or move it to c:\.
1.4. Run c:\vpinmame\setup.exe.
1.5. Click “Install” button and follow on-screen instructions confirming everything; click “Yes” once then six times “OK”. After the installation finishes click “Quit” to exit setup.

Step 2. Install Visual Pinball

2.1. Download and install the latest version of Visual Pinball following the instructions on http://www.randydavis.com/vp/download.htm. At the time of this writing the latest version is Tech Beta 6.1.

NOTE: You will have to create an account on VPForums site to gain access to download page.

To sum up the installation instructions:

- download full install version from http://www.vpforums.com/download.php?op=viewdownload&cid=1;
- extract the files into temporary folder and run setup.exe.
- Follow the on-screen instructions confirming everything; click “Next”, select “I Agree” and click “Next” three more times. At the end click “Close”.
- Visual Pinball will be installed in c:\Program Files\Visual Pinball.

Step 3. Install VBS Scripts v3.10

3.1. Download VBS Scripts v3.10 from VPForums site http://www.vpforums.com/download.php?op=viewdownload&cid=2.
3.2. Extract the files and copy or move them all into c:\Program Files\Visual Pinball\Scripts folder.

Step 4. Install machinaZOIS roms and table

4.1. Download playfield_roms.zip from http://www.aksioma.org/machinazois_vtc/playfield_roms.zip.
4.2. Extract the files into temporary folder.
4.3. Copy or move folders cfg, nvram, roms, samples and snap from playfield_roms\machinaZOIS_ROMs into folder c:\vpinmame.
4.4. Copy or move files gts3.vbs and machinaZOIS.vpt from playfield_roms\machinaZOIS_Playfield into c:\Program Files\Visual Pinball\Tables.
4.5. Create shortcut to c:\Program Files\Visual Pinball\Tables\machinaZOIS.vpt on the Desktop for easier access.

Step 5. First time play

5.1. To run the pinball, double-click machinaZOIS.vpt file.
5.2. In Game Info window click “Don't care results,...” button.
5.3. Select “Yes I am” and click “OK”.

You will have to do factory reset to enable coin inserting for the pinball. Do as follows:

- press 7 to enter the game menu;
- click left shift (left flipper) once and then three times to select “GAME ADJUSTMENTS”;
- press 7 again;
- press 1 to select the factory reset;
- press 1 again;
- exit the program and load the table again to play.

Playing instructions (Keys)






If the commands don't work, click into strojzois window. It may have lost keyboard focus.
If the matrix display is distorted, right-click into it and resize it.