Public action in the Parliament

26 January 2009 at 1 pm

Initiative for the establishment of an autonomuos mediatic zone

Photo: Miha Fras

Infocalypse Now! is an initiative for the creation of an autonomous media zone in the 700 MHz spectrum, within which analogue television stations broadcast at present. With the introduction of the digital signal by 2012, the majority of the spectrum, just like the present-day analogue technology, will become a junkyard, which will be appropriated by the capital.

Since the majority of the frequency space will become unutilised and since analogue technology necessary for transmission and reception is extremely accessible and cheap, it is downright appropriate that a part of the frequencies is occupied by the civil sphere, to which the public goods, such as water, health services, frequency spectrum etc., are intended after all.

A greater accessibility of the 700 MHz spectrum – a very useful low-frequency band – would, besides offering non-commercial television contents and independent production, stimulate the development of innovations in the field of wireless Internet, improve the local communication network, contribute to the development of small enterprise and, last but not least, prevent households, individuals and groups with low incomes from lagging behind development while technology advances.

On November 20, 2007, a guerrilla studio began operating at the Kapelica Gallery. In the first broadcast, Sandra Bašič Hrvatin talked about those aspects of the digitalisation of television channels that national Offices prefer not to talk about. We also presented a home-made mobile television transmitter and the instructions for assembling it. At the opening of the exhibition, the video entitled Requiem for a Dying Medium was screened for the first time.

Avtor in izvedba: Sašo Sedlaček
Koncept: Sašo Sedlaček in Janez Janša
Svetovalka: Sandra Bašič Hrvatin
Izvršna producentka: Marcela Okretič

  Produkcija in organizacija: Aksioma - Zavod za sodobne umetnosti, Ljubljana

Soprodukcija: Galerija Kapelica - Zavod K6/4
Posebne zahvale: Moderna galerija, Marko Sedlaček, Igor Štromajer
Projekt sta podprla Ministrstvo za kulturo RS in Mestna občina Ljubljana

Download instructions to build a mobile TV transmitter