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7. Background of the project

The project Brainloop evolves from the projects “Nuclear Body” (1998) and “Brainscore – Incorporeal communication (2000).

Nuclear body

This project is the result of a research about one of the diagnostic techniques used in the field of nuclear medicine: radio-isotopic scanning or schintigraphy.
It was carried out with the consultancy and support of the Oncological Institute of Ljubljana's Clinic Centre and financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana.
Nuclear Body dealt with the creation of an objective virtual double of a human being, with the purpose to use it further on as its representation in digital environments.

Brainscore – Incorporeal communication

Brainscore - incorporeal communication is a performance for two operators, which act in a virtual reality environment through their avatars. This performance attempts to avoid completely physical participation of operators in the management of avatars. The task is achieved by triggering command on a console through a system based on operator's brain waves signals and an eye movement tracking system. The aim of the performance is to create a controlled flow of information, in terms of audio-visual messages, in order to establish a primitive form of communication between the two performers as well as between them and the audience.

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