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Pushing open a door visitors find themselves in a den with dim red lighting. A young mademoiselle serves mint tea and asks each visitor separately what he/she desires the courtesan to perform that night.
Each visitor can order her services a la carte or request one of the special menus. Then the visitor enters the real performing space, close the door, sit down on a rocking chair, blind fold his eyes and...

Nicole Blackman

The Courtesan Tales

August 29-30, 2006 at 9.30 p.m.
Kavarna Belvedere (former Tito's Tea House), Vila Bled
Bled, Slovenia

Menu of the evening:

The Forest / magical, romantic
The Bath / sensual, romantic
The Kiss / nostalgic, sensual
The Dinner / intriguing, thriller
The Vision / spooky, mysterious
The Gift / romantic, erotic
The Chateau / intense, erotic

Nicole Blackman also performed at the 10. Festival Days of Poetry and Wine in Medana, Slovenia, the 25th of August, 2006.
This event was organized in collaboration with Studentska zalozba

Photo: Miha Fras
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I'm like a sniffing dog Interview with Nicole Blackman

by Mojca Kumerdelj

Project supported by

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia
and the Municipality of Ljubljana