Vuk Ćosić and Janez Janša
Be Shareful

a free international urban digital collective action

Street Project:
From Tuesday, 20 December, until Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Aksioma | Project Space
Komenskega 18, Ljubljana
Wednesday, 28 December 2011, 7 pm

FREE entrance!


In this New Year project, the authors teach the participants about the difference between GIVE and SHARE.

The project requires no special skills, only a functioning camera or a phone and a half-hour guided walk past a few points in the centre of Ljubljana. Everyone following the instructions will soon become a proud owner of the art work Planed (2007). You should start the walk at the points marked on the map of Ljubljana below and follow the instructions.

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In the long gone year of 2009, pre-digital artists Gilbert & George carried out a failed attempt of creating in the digital sphere. For a period of 48 hours, they published a digital version of one of their images and made it available free of charge to the users of the internet. Since nobody knew what they might need this file for, nor was there any communication whatsoever between the artists and the public, the project is now adequately deemed a transparent marketing flop.
(For more information about this project see The Guardian online: )

Experienced and pedigreed digital artists Ćosić and Janša are sympathetic to this unfortunate gesture of their reputable older colleagues, so they are offering their help. The project Be Shareful came about as a smaller stocktaking of possible ways of implicating the users of the internet into the addition of the so-called social life to art paintings.


  • A poster-photo action in the streets of Ljubljana “distributed and re-collected G & G”

  • The donation of 9 posters to nine different Slovenian art institutions

  • A live photo session with the authors

  • A New Year gift to the visitors of the gallery through an ad hoc collectors stock market


    Authors: Vuk Ćosić & Janez Janša (& Gilbert & George)

    Visual consulting: studiobotas
    Language consulting: Petja Grafenauer
    Photo consulting: Peter Rauch in Dare Sintič
    Video consulting: Boštjan Čadež
    Food consulting: Taeko Fujita
    Sound consulting: DJ Batko
    Framing consulting: Miroslav Matek

    Production: Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, 2011

    Artistic Director: Janez Janša
    Executive Producer: Marcela Okretič
    Public Relations: Mojca Zupanič
    Technical Director: Valter Udovičić
    Assistant: Sonja Grdina

    Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana.

    Sponsor: Datacenter d.o.o.

    Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana